The first step in the brewing process is the malting. First, the fresh barley is soaked and brought to  germinate in the germination box. In this process, the enzymes that are needed for the division of the starch.



The second step is the crushing. The finished malt is crushed in a similar way as flour so that the water can dissolve better. Crushing mills generate different types of crushed malt with specific densities.


Wort boiling

The third step in the process is the wort boiling. The wort is boiled in the wort pan, while hop is added to the mix. The taste of the beer is heavily influenced by the amount and type of hop that is added.


Wort purification

The wort purification is the fourth step of the brewing process. The wort is poured into the whirlpool and stirred around. The unsolved hop and the egg white are pushed to the middle while the pure wort can be poured out from the side.



The fermentation is done in a fermentation tank, where a specific beer yeast is mixed in. The yeast transforms the sugar of the malt into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Once the malt sugar is fermented, the yeast sinks and is taken away. Now, a top or bottom fermented beer is created, depending on the yeast type and wort mixture.



The fresh beer is poured into the storage tanks at a temperature of 1 to 2 degrees Celsius for 3 weeks to 3 motnhs. The beer keeps fermenting during this stage and the last rest of the hop and egg white sinks to the bottom. The beer is now cleared and reaches its final color.




Our ingredients are meticulously chosen by our staff in order to give our beer an authentic and unique taste. Only the best makes it to the brewing process of our beer: water, hops, yeast and barley.





The beers of the Eguia brewery are delivered in bottles or barrels. In our pleasant bar in Santa Crestina you can try our artisanal beers on draft.





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For centuries, the brewing process has remained unchanged and up to date the whole process can be summarized in 6 essential steps.